Most gifted artists have not received any formal training, period. A lot of them learned from friends or by trial and error. Most artists will tell you to do a 2-year apprenticeship (which the vast majority of them did not do). At a great cost (both monetary and trustworthiness) this system might work if the artist is a trained or natural instructor, and has the time to attend to you. Unfortunately, most great artists are way too busy to teach you anything.

And the How-to-Kit? Well, buying a how-to-kit is like trying to learn to swim from a book. It is possible, but mighty dangerous and time consuming.

Our instructors are highly experienced artists and proficiently educated trainers. They are skilled in "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" - a state of the art power training method - which combines learning with performance. (Some have trained beginners to be world karate champions in less than two years!)

Many argue that one cannot learn to tattoo or pierce in such a short time, but we do it every month - and it aint braggin' if you're really doing it!"

No, you will not know everything there is to conceive about the craft within two weeks. And no, you will not be a master within two weeks. However, you will leave us able to perform a safe, clean procedure within the limits of your artistic skill level.

How to Enroll in the World's Only Tattoo School

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